Ceresians Christmas Band est. 22 Nov 1955


Ceresians In House Training

Ceresians run in-house training on a year to year basis training new recruits in music. This was done on a informal basis and not availlable to all due to lack of funds and Musical instruments. This program was made more formal in 2008 starting with 10 students, Damion Vermeulen, Ilze van de Winter, Danaray Hofmeester, Pricilla McPherson, Gerswin McPherson, Megan Fritz, Nicole Kruger, Wilmary Johannes, Inke Mallies. The class of 2008. They where trained on Clarinet, Soprano Sax and Alto Sax. Some have been trained on other instruments during 2009. This was the beginning of Ceresians Music Academy. Instruments is shared amongst the students and teaching material sourced from various sources where we could get it for free. The first teachers where Mario Vermeulen and Theolene Johnson who recieved their training on a informal basis.

Today Ceresians Music Academy is managed by Johan October a highly acclaimed music teacher and also Bandmaster of the Band. The class of 2010 consists of 20 learners. The curricullum started of with Music Theory and Basic Principles of Music and we currently busy with Practicals on the various instruments. At the end of the course graduates will recieve a Certificate from the Academy allowing them entrance in the Band. This will also prepare them for futher studies in music and broaden their future career opportunities. Students is as young as 8 yo and we try to assist them with various life skills not only music.

Currently Mario Vermeulen is running the academy and 18 new students came through the ranks. Classes start in June